5 Facebook ads Strategies for Contractors

How to setup Facebook Ads for Construction Companies | IPM Media

Facebook advertising could bring all the prospects your construction firm would like to receive directly to you, right now. It’s an effective tool when you make use of it correctly. Here are five suggestions to ensure you get the most benefit from Facebook advertisements for your construction business.

01. Build and establish your brand through the Facebook Platform

Facebook is an excellent option to grow the brand name of your construction company. If you don’t have an account on Facebook for your company it is possible to create one within a couple of steps at no cost.

Posting regularly on your business page will make it easier for your customers to interact with you and feel confident in your authority. When writing content for your business’s Facebook page as well as Facebook advertisements, make sure to utilize consistent branding. This means that the way you communicate with your clients on your website and other marketing materials must be similar to how you handle the social media users on your site.

02. Find Your Ideal Audience using Facebook’s powerful targeting features

Facebook Ad Manager allows you to make it simple to choose your customers, so be sure you make use of this to make your advertisements more efficient. To identify the construction company’s targeted market, take a look at who your ideal clients are:

  • Have you tried to get in touch with city planners and council members regarding city-wide construction plans?
  • Do you collaborate with homeowners in the residential projects of construction (home additions, driveways as well as outbuilding construction)?
  • Do you have a specialization on construction for commercial use?
  • What kind of companies would you rather work with?

If you are able to narrow your audience’s target market by incorporating geographic location and age range or profession, you can make your Facebook ads more precise. The process of defining a target audience can aid in understanding how to write your ads content. It isn’t like you would approach a homeowner in the same way as you contact an executive from a construction company.

03. Reduce and Focus Your Ads for better performance

Do not use Facebook advertisements to communicate lots of information. The goal is to be distinctive and encourage people to engage in learning more about your business and the products and services you offer.

That means that you don’t have to be able to elaborate regarding your company’s history or the steps in your process, or even the particular products you employ. Instead, focus on a simple message that is resonant with the people you want to reach. Action verbs can get your audience to complete an action they want to take, such as to contact your office, request an appointment, or request an estimate.

04. Get Your Customers Attention to Increase Lead Conversion

Select images or videos that catch the eye. Make sure that the copy that you accompany them gives a clear context, yet also inspires the user to take action. Remember that people don’t use Facebook to read long or complicated content. Your advertisement should prompt users to stop scrolling, however, you have only just a few seconds to create a lasting impression and you must have a strategy to engage your target audience.

05. Monitor and Analyze results to keep optimizing the Construction Business’s Facebook Advertising Strategy

Facebook lets you monitor the metrics of your advertising campaigns, and to compare different strategies such as ad type, location frequency, and much more. After you’ve finished your advertisement, you must examine the effectiveness of your advertisements.

  • How many people have clicked on the advertisement?
  • How many new customers were generated as a result of the marketing campaign?
  • What amount of revenue can directly be attributed in this particular campaign?
While you play around with various types of advertisements through Facebook You will begin to discover what kind of content that your users like and will then create ads that are tailored to your customers that can generate more of the leads you want and sales.

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