More Pages : The Way to Better SEO Results?

Every webmaster is in the habit of looking over other websites to see how they perform to their own. When comparing websites, people can be led to believe that their competitors have higher rankings because of the number of pages they’ve. Do they actually get an advantage over websites with fewer pages?

Certain websites are favored over others due to the amount of pages they have particularly when it comes to their the position they have on Google. This is the area of giants, with a variety of tools that can affect the performance of their SEO.

It’s hard to compete with these giants when it comes to SEO, but this isn’t the reality. It’s possible to succeed more than any website with a lot of pages.

I’ll explain how.

Let’s begin by counting the pages.

To discuss this topic in depth , the primary step will be to explain how to quickly identify the number of pages that a website has. If you’re interested in finding out the amount of pages that are available on a website, it’s not necessary to scroll around and browse through each page for pages.

Say I want to check for the number of pages on, I can make a Google search with “” typed into Google. If Google returns “About 889 outcomes” it signifies that Google has crawled the website and included 889 of the webpages from on its index . This is equivalent to the number of pages the website in question actually contains.

If you are interested in the number of pages contained in the subfolder “/en” of that website — which is the English version of Digitalwelt by the way — the simple search reference on Google will be “”, and this will also present accurate results of pages only contained in that subfolder.

After this has been completed, it’s now time to consider the impact of the page count on SEO and the search engine rankings without doubt.

Let’s get started.

Big Websites Vs. Smaller Websites

The answer isn’t as straightforward as Google’s choice for web pages is actually dependent on a variety of factors. Google naturally gravitates towards websites that have more information. However, despite its definition of information as being the supreme authority on the web , it doesn’t have the authority to be king and rule in huge quantities.

Content can be lengthy and repetitive, which can result in an unsatisfactory user experience. This is the reason why the focus should not be solely on the amount of content available on your site.

The top websites generally have high rankings due having many pages that are well-performing and spread SEO-related value over the entire domain when interlinking is setup correctly. Google will consider sites that have pages that are performing well regarding user satisfaction. Then, it will be more likely to give other pages a boost in the same domain.

Benefits of Large Websites

The advantage these huge websites receive isn’t limited to the number of pages they have, but in large part due to the fact most of them perform extremely well. A higher number of pages offers your website a better chances of being found and, in turn, determines the factors that determine the ranking of your website.

One of the most crucial things you can accomplish to be ranked effectively is to produce high-quality content rather than publishing the identical amount of content every month or each week.

Quantity of Content and the Quality of Content. Quantity of Content

Your content must be able to provide useful information to your visitors. Then, you can add more information on your website. A site that contains a large number of pages will only be useful when it provides its visitors with plenty of valuable details that increase its rank.

Pages that have low value and contain little or no content to attempt to attract the most recent keywords won’t be appreciated in the long run and may diminish your standing for authority within your industry if your visitors are unable to leave your site.

Quick Tips to Improve Keyword Rankings

Let’s examine some of the best and most efficient ways to increase the ranking for your website quickly:

  1. Continuously updated content to guarantee freshness Google is more likely to be associated with websites that are constantly producing fresh, relevant information. This is often the main reason for obtaining higher positions. Every webmaster should invest a substantial amount in the creation of new content. I have also discussed this on my blog in the article ” Gain More Traffic with the SEO Fresh Content Method”.
  2. The creation of Content/ Topic Authority Google is searching for websites that focus on specific topics through blogs or an article section. They are recognized as authoritative websites that rank highly because they can provide details on specific topics. The most effective outcomes can be achieved using these kinds of websites when you develop articles that people are eager to read because of its importance.

Achieving High Keyword Rankings

There are a lot of websites exist on your website aren’t enough to evaluate and maintain the ranking of your site in Google. Many pages will not bring any point if the content they display isn’t relevant to the visitors.

Google requires every website to utilize its SEO efforts to show that the information available on the website is an important source for its target audience or specific area of interest. The most important step to creating a website that is successful is to present information on the topic of your choice that is distinct.

Your visitors will be attracted by the value that your site offers and the relevant information they will be able to swiftly obtain. It is this that sets your site distinct from other websites and is in stark contrast to the usual method of dispersing content in a random manner over a variety of categories or subjects.

More Pages Does Not Represent More Pages Does Not Mean Keyword Rankings. Keyword Rankings

Websites that rank highly are likely to have many pages and plenty of content. This can result in the misconception that having the more pages means more traffic for keywords.

If you look at the matter deeper, you’ll discover that the content as well as the pages are extremely designed to be useful prior to ranking. Additionally, you’ll find that websites with a lot of pages usually only provide traffic to a small percentage of the pages that offer the highest importance to the users.

Closing Thoughts

If the SEO specialist who is working on your site recommends you to join an editorial plan for your content that is based upon studies into keywords, you should be aware that they’re making this recommendation to ensure your website is meeting the right mark. Content is essential in the development of any website. Therefore, it is essential to be proactive about web content.

Google doesn’t consider small sites that have just a handful of subjects covered, but are not frequently updated as a source of expert on the subject. The goal is to create an authoritative site upon the content’s quality which you must maintain.

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