Increase Sales and Generate Leads

The owners of businesses share a common objective: to boost sales and create leads. Direct-response marketing can be an approach to get customers to take an decision, like sign-up for the newsletter or buying the product. These types of campaigns are often known as lead-generating or traffic-generating campaigns and there are the best ways to setup them within Google Ads.

Campaigns that generate leads and traffic are the main objectives

  • Inspire customers to make an purchase.
  • Leads can be generated by collecting contact information on an online sign-up page.
  • In order to increase the number of visitors to your website You will be able to disseminate information.

Which locations should ads be conducted?

We suggest that you make use of as well Google Search Network as well as the Google Search Network as well as the Google Display Network keywords-targeted campaigns. Here’s why:

  • Google Search Network Your advertisements may show up on Google result pages. Set bids and choose keywords that are relevant to your company. Your ad will show up when people are searching for the keyword you’ve selected.
  • Search Partners
    Google Ads offers you the possibility to have your advertisements show up on other search engines that Google. These sites can help bring more high-quality traffic to your website and can help you generate prospects. These Search Partner properties will display your ads alongside results of searches.
  • Google Display Network
    To guide your advertisement campaign to websites that are thematically connected to your content it is possible to use contextual targeting on the Google Display Network. Contextual targeting links your keywords with relevant websites across the Internet. We can then link your advertisement to clients most likely intrigued in your services and products.

These are of the things you should be aware of when it comes to bidding, placement targeting and advertising formats

  • Placement targeting
    This type of advertisement lets you choose and choose “placements” that are specific websites or sections of websites in the Google Display Network that you can display your advertisements. You can select the sites you want to target according to specific themes, your intended market or branding criteria. Display Planner will help you come up with suggestions.
  • Formats for ads
    You’ll want to connect your customers to your primary product or service via lead-generating or traffic-generating advertising campaigns. Text ads should include an obvious, clear call to actions. Formats for rich-media ads include video or image ads are also a great way to aid in communicating your message.
  • Bid strategy
    We suggest bidding on cost-per-click to focus on both contextual and placement campaigns as the main objective of any traffic-generating or lead generation strategy.


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