Google Ads Strategies for Construction Companies


Below are three advanced Google Ads strategies tailored to the construction industry. We’ve employed to maximize the amount of money and return on investment:

  1. Improve your earnings with advanced tracking 
  2. Enhance deal size through targeted branding
  3. Meet new partners through expanded scope of

1. Maximize the revenue from construction contracts and its ROI through tracking directly in Google Ads

This is the most crucial approach to adopt for the construction company’s ad campaigns. It is the basis for the rest of Google Ads study and optimize. In general, Google Ads optimization focuses on increasing “conversions” also known as “conversion worth”. A conversion could be either a lead or sale. This is a particular challenge for construction firms.

Why? Because the worth of a construction lead could differ by a few hundreds of dollars. The final value of sales might not be available for several weeks following the advertisement click, and therefore attribution may be lost.

There are a variety of ways for a construction firm to optimize Google Ads performance. Each method has compromises.

A. Basic Performance Tracking for Construction
The focus is on clicks and impressions

This approach does not consider “conversions” completely. The only metrics to be considered are those of reach: clicks and impressions. However, it is possible to achieve a huge reach with Google Ads without actually closing even one sale! Therefore, this strategy isn’t ideal.

B. Basic Conversion Tracking for Construction
The focus is upon leads


This strategy is to track and analyze “conversions” inside Google Ads with the goal to increase the number of them. The most common “conversions” include form submissions, emails, as well as phone calls. This is a better approach because it shifts from a focus on activities towards a focus on outcomes. The construction lead’s value could range from zero to $1 million plus. This method isn’t complete and doesn’t provide vital information that can aid in decision-making.

C. Improved Lead Tracking in Construction
Concentrate on leads that are qualified

The method is to consider that a lead is an “conversion” within Google Ads only if the user declares it to be competent. A typical sales rep will assess the lead’s quality after the prospect’s follow-up. Then , we transfer data from “qualified Lead conversions” in Google Ads via spreadsheet or API. This improves the accuracy of the information about conversions within Google Ads, but it does not provide a clear concentration on the size of the deal. You could still end up with a large range of lead values (from the $10k mark to $1 million plus, as an instance) without a method of separating the leads.

D. The most efficient lead tracking for construction:
The focus is on the size of deal


This is the best degree of “conversion” monitoring because we assign the actual value of revenue to all leads in construction. We then upload that amount of lead to Google Ads and include it for analysis and optimization. This allows us to increase revenue, maximize ROI, and even increase the size of deals.

The price is a higher level of complexity. It’s difficult to monitor and upload these deal value in order it is possible that Google Ads is able to identify the relevant data for the click. This process requires skilled Google Ads management.

It’s definitely worth it. It’s a common knowledge that you’ll get more out of what you put your time towards. If you focus on clicks, you’ll get more visitors to your site. However, if you are focused on deal size, you will get bigger deals.

With revenue data that is available within Google Ads it’s easy to determine your ROI. This lets you justify budget increases in the future and expand your business even more.

2. Make more money through Google Ads by creating the image of your construction business

The three primary types of campaigns for construction companies comprise Search, Display and Remarketing.

Search ads show advertisements to those who are looking for services for construction currently. They are the ones that generate the highest number of leads, deals and revenues. They should therefore be given the greatest attention and most from your Google Ads budget.

The Display or Remarketing campaign display your advertisements on third website to those who may not require your services right now. They tend to generate less direct leads and sales. Instead, we employ these campaigns to increase awareness of your brand and build authority around your brand.

It’s hard to quantify the impact of this kind of branding. Your ads may be seen by people numerous times over the course of several months, but they may only click one or perhaps never. The exposure of your ads creates the awareness for your business. In the future, when they conduct an internet search for services related to construction and are most likely to visit on your advert, get in touch with you, or sign an agreement.

It is not easy to discern in the an actual Google Ads data. In reality, it’s normal to observe a general growth in lead activity as well as closing of deals across all channels. That’s what we want to achieve. We typically give 10-30% of our Google Ads budget for Display and Remarketing campaign to build brand. We then make these campaigns more effective by using careful targeting of the audience and websites. This allows us to connect with your ideal commercial and residential customers with your message.

3. Expand lead channels to go beyond Google ads by focusing on construction partners


Most construction companies utilize Google Ads to get new direct customers. However, there’s a different audience that could be able to see your ads and aid in growing your company. This audience includes the partners. Construction companies don’t always provide all necessary services for their clients. For instance, you could build the site, but you don’t manage permits, surveying or other legal questions. Companies that provide these additional services could be likely to be partners.

It is clearly beneficial to establish these relationships in the construction industry. It is possible to refer clients to trustworthy partners improving your value to your client. Of course, these partners may bring their customers to you, all warmed up in readiness to make a purchase.

If you are able to properly structure your Google Ads campaigns (both Search and Display) you are able to get these potential partners in touch. It is possible to highlight the benefits of partnering with you through your advertisements and on relevant websites. You can also create an official partner program to make the process easier.

This way, Google Ads becomes more than just a means of creating new customers today. It also helps you build partnerships that could create new customers into the future.


We’ve utilized these three Google Ads strategies for construction firms to substantially improve their profits and ROI. Of course, there’s a lot additional to Google Ads campaign management. Prometheus PPC has many years of experience in construction accounts.

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